After Strike, a Prelude.

Few things are as sadly satisfying as striking a show, I find. Sad because the run is done, and thus this particular company of artists will disband, drift, the relationships shift. Satisfying because in a remarkably brief space of time, the imaginary co-created world is taken apart, the walls and floor repainted, and the space becomes full of endless possibility once more.

(Besides, tearing things apart can be amazingly satisfying.)

I felt a particular sense of privilege this time, as I’m now a member of my theatre company, so am not entirely cast adrift at the show’s end– having dramaturged this show, I’ll now turn to performing in the next one, a prospect I anticipate with an equal mixture of terror and excitement. Trust me when I say there will be posts aplenty about THAT, with lots of detail.

In the meantime, though, the real point of this post is to get me in front of my keyboard again and in blogging mode– to encourage this part of my brain, I’ve designated November to be National Post Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo, since a novel’s not on my imaginative radar at the moment. Instead, the plan is to put something, ideally something intelligent but I make no guarantees, up here daily for the month of November. After that, I’ll probably revert to a twice- or thrice-weekly format, but I think the initial blast is necessary just to clear my throat, as it were.

Besides, I gots opinions and stuff to say, I does– so I’m gonna say ’em. Honestly and straight-out, without tiptoeing around. I’ve absolutely no interest in sheer bitchiness or cruelty of any kind (as Brene Brown rightly points out, cruelty is “cheap, easy, and chickenshit”) and I’ve dealt with enough of that in my life to know it has no place in my work, onstage or off, and particularly not in the classroom. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be forthright when I disagree with something, and right here’s the place to do it, methinks.

So– NaPoWriMo begins this week. Bring it on.